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[Xmca-l] Re: Stereotyping Latin America and Mexico at the U. of Louisville

Hi again,

For me the problem is that this isn't Mexican cultural dress. In fact if we want to go totally deconstructionist, why are they all wearing the same kinds of hats, the same kinds of mustaches, the same kinds of dress? 

These are the signs of the stereotype of the Lazy Mexican. Mexicans are anything but lazy. If you look around in the fields where many harvest our food, they don't look anything like lazy. 

I'm not sure what the message is to have all these administrators dress up as Lazy Mexicans is supposed to mean. Even if it is for Halloween, which is a pagan holiday originally called Samhain…


It wasn't until Christian conquest of the pagans that it become All Saints Day, or Dia de Los Muertos. 

Which now has been appropriated into Halloween with trick or treats and horror. Given the material aspect of capitalism, it sort of makes sense that the spirits are transformed into dead bodies and zombies… and now Lazy Mexicans…

Oh well.

Kind regards,