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[Xmca-l] Re: Oliver Sacks 'Last Word' BBC Radio 4

Well, perhaps we can rely upon Peter to relay a sense of the programme.

The BBC do a sterling job of providing a stimulus for tired and possibly
jaded senses.  They are, nevertheless, part of a media industry, and as
such their news etc will largely be decorative.  If you'd rather not have
the BBC (or whatever other news organisation is scurrying to serve up
something with a hint of meaningfulness) mediate between your interest and
Dr Sacks, then their is a rather obvious alternative -- read his memoir.

The guardian review I read today (Will Self, yet again) merely sketched
some of the itinerary of the book whilst obliquely touching upon a certain
fervent need amongst his fans to be noticed and 'bestowed' attention.  This
seems to be about the right mark for what a review section of the paper can
reasonably provide.

With respect to Dr Sacks and "romantic science" I, personally, do not see
anything deeply significant coming out of that.  Description and attention
to a living being is an honestly good thing, however I have not yet picked
up a sense from reading Sacks that he applied systemic thought to a
socially mediated world (i.e. mind), rather his interest in systems, where
it arises, seems to be limited to the tractable, such as  localised
anatomy.  I could be grossly mistaken here, but I do not sense it.  Perhaps
there are people reading here who could correct me?


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> Living in Lord Montagu’s area, we mostly know him to have been a rather
> unpleasant person!
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> > Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Joy Beverley, Oliver Sacks, Annette
> Worsley-Taylor, Last Word - BBC Radio 4
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> > | Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Joy Beverley, Oliver Sacks, An...Matthew
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