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[Xmca-l] Re: Paul Mason's comment on how ebooks are changing writing

Paul Mason points up one relation that causes wonder?

Novels that are memorable are "immersive" experiences (in Dewey's sense of undergoing experience.

Today (contempory) types or kinds of reading are more "provisional" 

Annalisa, this linking to our lives becoming more "provisional" (less depth and lived more on the surface) is a phenomena that Dewey would explain as the stream of experiences not becoming "ordered" or "structured" as "having AN experience".

The loss of memorable experiences when living within the ongoing flow of experiences (the stream of appearances) when we don't pause to incorporate the corpus as embodied "meaning" that has been lived through in depth.
The metaphor of depth/surface as a way of locating ourselves in "spaces OF ....? 
Not space as geometric but space as places OF (upon which) meaning "forms".

I wonder if the phenomena Paul Mason is reflecting on is an aspect of what Dewey more generally is exploring with his notion of "experiences" be/coming having "an" immersive experience that is "lived-in" and so not "provisional".

Is life be/coming more "provisional" and therefore less "meaningful"?


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Not sure I agree exactly, but I do agree that tools change us!


<http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/aug/10/ebooks-are-changing-the-way-we-read-and-the-way-novelists-write>Thought this article might interest this group of folks!

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