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[Xmca-l] Re: Hiroshima and us

The kind of discourse we are allowed to have, even if we disagree, is its own social gift and liberty.

Hiroshima is without doubt a regrettable historical happening, commenced with bloodshot eyes after years and years of war ringing so powerfully about the world it still rings in our ears uninterpreted.

Regret for misdeeds are found everywhere in every period and we can write many sentences, too, about them because we can.

What I hope to do, as doing can be done by me, is to contemplate upon acts of love or truth or beauty, not because I want to deny the horror or the suffering or even the indignations so stated, but because I want to look to blue sky, where there is space and air to breathe and then to consider how to keep caring despite the horrors committed from a wrong belief in scarcity and too much otherness. We are not so different, really.

Where is my sphere of influence? Wherever it is, I must act there where I can try to coax into bloom the flowers of love and friendship, and fraternity and sorority for humanity over tea, without ceremony. 

I could do that I'm sure, with my small hands digitally.

And you? What can you do?

Kind regards while considering the shards of Hiroshima…