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[Xmca-l] Re: G. H. Mead and Harvey Sacks

Taking a first look at the article there is something that, I am really confused about, maybe others can help clear up this mystery.  Almost all the work cited in the article comes from the book Mind, Self and Society - which was published posthumously by his students.  I was also told in graduate school Mead didn't publish very much on its own.  Yet a few years ago I went to a Mead archive (it is no longer open, I wish I could remember the link, it is actually back somewhere in the xmca archive - search Mead if you are interested) which included a number of articles including contemporaneous reviews and rejoinders.  I read a few of them and they were really, really good - and I got a much better understanding of what Blumer came to call symbolic interactionism.

I would also argue against the author's interpretation of Mead.  In the end he was an instrumental Pragmatist and was focused on process.

Anyway, anybody who has insight please let me know.


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Interesting article by George Psathas about G. H. Mead and Harvey Sacks if anyone is interested:


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