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[Xmca-l] Your help needed: "Bakhtin by and for educators"

Dear colleagues— 

We need your help. We (Eugene, Ana, and Mikhail) are very excited to tell you that we got a book contract with Palgrave to develop a book with a tentative title “Bakhtin by and for educators.” We imagine creating a book of dialogues among the Bakhtinian educational practitioners – about their own practice: How does Bakhtin inspire your teaching? Why? What are the possibilities and what are the challenges? 

The book will have 3 parts. The first part involves interviews with “seasoned” self-proclaimed Bakhtinian educational practitioners. We defined “seasoned” self-proclaimed Bakhtinian educational practitioners as those who claim that Bakhtin influences or inspires their own teaching. 
We hope to reach diverse seasoned Bakhtinian educational practitioners: 
teaching diverse academic subjects (e.g., language, literature, science, arts, physical education, math) at diverse Early Childhood Education to Graduate School levels from different countries. We will do interview via Skype. 

The second part of the book will involve commentaries and questions by “novice” self-proclaimed Bakhtinian educational practitioners. We defined “novice” as those educators who may be interested in Bakhtin and they have either just started or are considering shaping their educational practice by Bakhtin’s philosophical approach. We imagine bringing the voices of the “seasoned” Bakhtinian practitioners and those of the “novices” into dialogues with each other. 

The third part of the book will be our analysis that will outline patterns of issues that are relevant for the practitioners, and our concluding remarks. 

We need your assistance in helping us to identify diverse “seasoned” and “novice” self-proclaimed Bakhtinian educational practitioners. Please let us know if you know some and help us to contact them. Or let us know who may know them… Or maybe it is you – please do not be shy to contact us! 

We appreciate your help, 

Eugene Matusov, University of Delaware, USA, ematusov@udel.edu <mailto:ematusov@udel.edu> 
Ana Marjanovic-Shane, Chestnut Hill College, USA, anamshane@gmail.com <mailto:anamshane@gmail.com> 
Mikhail Gradovski, University College of Telemark, Norway, mikhail.gradovski@hit.no <mailto:mikhail.gradovski@hit.no>

Ana Marjanovic-Shane
Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Dialogic Pedagogy Journal <http://dpj.pitt.edu/>
Associate Professor of Education
Chestnut Hill College
Emails: anamshane@gmail.com
Phone: 267-334-2905