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[Xmca-l] Ruqaiya Hasan's work

We had a couple of very successful seminars at Macquarie in 2012 and 2013 exploring context and the SFL concept of register. Ruqaiya Hasan and Michael Halliday were both central to these seminars. Colleague Annabelle Lukin has archived some of the talks at the following sites:

http://www.annabellelukin.com/register-and-context-at-vimeo.html <http://www.annabellelukin.com/register-and-context-at-vimeo.html>

http://www.annabellelukin.com/ruqaiya-hasan.html <http://www.annabellelukin.com/ruqaiya-hasan.html>

Ruqaiya's work, and the occasional direct conversations I had with her, emboldened me as an educator interested in linguistics. I'm sharing a short snippet of a long email she wrote to me way back in 2006 that has fuelled my ongoing interest in the quadripartite of scholars she mentions.

"Brain/consciousness is not static, but it does mean that structures of inequality are mentally supported by all of us UNLESS we become aware of this Marxist-Bernsteinian-Vygotskian-Hallidayan perspective and try hard to look at our own actions, reflections and interactions to see what role we play in creating/supporting hegemonic attitudes." (Hasan, personal communication)


Phil Chappell