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[Xmca-l] Re: Watch "Emails Show American Psychological Association Secretly Worked with Bush Admin to Enable Torture" on YouTube

Hi Paul - I can't face watching the video.
I'm reminded of the concept of the 'self-hating Jew' by the preparedness of
professionals in their position to collaborate in the aggression towards
perceived enemies- the rationale goes: "if a citizen is not prepared to
support all 'defensive' actions of their state/religioon/culture, they are
seen as willing the destruction, that declared or undeclared, all persons
are seen as wishing upon the embattled religion/state/group. I guess coming
from a naive stance, I didn't understand that not everyone would have a
similar moral position of "Do no evil." I hope that any revolution I'm
involved in has some different moral practice - I wonder if that's possible?

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