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[Xmca-l] a call for reviewers from the Cultural-Historical SIG president and co-chairs (AERA SIG 030)

Hi Dear All, 
Please, see a call for reviewers from our AERA SIG030: 

Hi Cultural Historical SIGsters! We write to remind you of the upcoming May 11th deadline to sign up as a volunteer reviewer for the 2016 Annual Meeting. We are working on a very strong call for proposals for our SIG that will hopefully bring in many more of the thousands of proposals sent in each year to AERA overall that use the work of Vygotsky and socio-cultural and activity theory as their framing. We are really eager therefore to have a diversity of reviewers to read and evaluate the proposals. The review process occurs in August, a precious time of the summer and start of the academic year, so the more reviewers we have the fewer reviews we have to assign per person. Please sign up today!

Carrie Lobman, Cultural Historical SIG President
Nancy Ares, Program Co-Chair
Natalia Gajdamaschko, Program Co-Chair