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[Xmca-l] Announcement: The International Class

We're seeking applicants for our study and training program, The International Class. About 100 practitioners and scholars from dozens of countries (including the US) have graduated since 2004. Some have learned about the program from this list in the past. The program combines in-person residencies and online activities and is always a mix of cultures and community practitioners, activists and scholars.
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A Study and Training Program in Social Therapeutics

Open to practitioners and scholars with a broad range of educational and life experiences -- and a passion for innovation.

The International Class changed my life and work. How? By fostering communication, creativity, collaboration, and play - by celebrating mistakes as opportunities to learn, discover, develop. I started loving language again - I discovered that words not only record what is - but create what is becoming.  I met talented, playful people from around the world and found a home with no walls and many languages! Social therapeutics revolutionionized my work with groups. I would recommend The International Class to you - even if you don't know your profession, nationality, or lifestyle. No matter what you bring with you, The International Class will show you how to build something new with it." 

-Elena Boukouvala, MA, Dramatherapy, University of London 
(from Thessaloniki, Greece)
Led by Institute director Lois Holzman, The International Class is a unique study and training program in cultural and creative approaches to human development and learning. The program focuses on social therapeutics, a philosophically informed, practically oriented method in which human beings are related to as creators of their culture and ensemble performers of their lives.

The performatory approach of social therapeutics allows people to experience life in new ways other than how we've been socialized,and to organize environments for group creativity to flourish in unforeseen developmental ways. Utilized in diverse mental health, educational, youth development and community organizing settings in the US and internationally, social therapeutics has influenced both the postmodern and the cultural-historical activity theory movements in psychology, psychotherapy, education and community and organizational development.

A Flexible Structure and Curriculum

The ten-month program combines residencies in New York City and seminars, supervision and project development sessions conducted online. Students come together to work with Institute faculty and others in a broad development community and advance their own programs and research.

Residencies. The International Class meets at the Institute three times during the year (in October, February and June) to work together as a group with Institute faculty and associates at The Social Therapy Group, The All Stars Project, Performance of a Lifetime, and Independentvoting.org. 
Site visits
Community organizing participation
At Home. In between residencies, students study the social therapeutic method at home. Learning formats include on-line seminars and Skype calls with faculty. 
Seminar and Workshop Topics for Online Study and In-Person Residencies include:
The Politics, Philosophy and Psychology of Social Therapeutics
The Postmodernizing of Marx, Vygotsky and Wittgenstein
Social Therapy as Clinical Practice
Breakthroughs in Youth Development
Performance Activism
Play, Performance, Learning and Development
Improvisation and Theater
Community Organizing
Independent Fundraising for NGOs
Click here for more information and an application...

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