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[Xmca-l] Re: Peter Smagorinsky's piece today for the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Thanks so much Robert. FYI I began writing profiles of great teachers in Georgia, the state where both Robert and I live in the USA, a few years ago when I became discouraged by the constant negative attention that the media direct at public education. I actually wrote this one several weeks ago, but it got bumped back because the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal trial dominated the local news--so it serves as a counterpoint to the belief held by many in the public that all public school teachers out there are cheats and bums, and that we need charters, private school vouchers, etc., to save us from the decline of civilization (US civilization that is).

The whole series is at http://smago.coe.uga.edu/vita/vitaweb.htm#OpEd along with the other public writing I've done on education, teaching, policy, etc., mostly for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution but other outlets as well. I encourage anyone out there who finds the discursive climate of education to be depressing to write counter-narratives of your own to help demonstrate what great teaching looks like and how great teachers manage to do it in spite of limitations on their work instituted by policymakers. I'm fortunate to live in a state where the main newspaper has a prominent education blog, but there should be outlets everywhere for publishing more positive narratives about school.


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Hi Everyone,
Peter Smagorinsky wrote a fabulous piece about an extraordinary 3rd grade teacher in today's* Atlanta Journal-Constitution*, that is certainly relevant to XCMA readers .

Smagorinsky, P. (2015, April 23).  A teacher who understands third graders need play, joy and calm to learn. *Atlanta Journal-Constitution*. Available at http://getschooled.blog.ajc.com/2015/04/23/a-teacher-who-understands-third-graders-need-play-joy-and-calm-to-learn/


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