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[Xmca-l] Fwd: [commfac] Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ethnographic Design at UC San Diego

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From: Zilberg, Elana <ezilberg@ucsd.edu>
Date: Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 12:19 PM
Subject: [commfac] Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ethnographic Design at UC San
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 *Title of the position*: Postdoctoral Fellow in Ethnographic Design

*Institution: *University of California San Diego

*Academic Department*: Communication

*Disciplinary Specialty of Research*: This fellowship focuses on
ethnographic design, a topic of interest to a wide spectrum of academic
disciplines.  While we expect most candidates to come from the social
sciences, we will entertain applications from the arts and humanities, and
other disciplines if they demonstrate an engagement with and dedication to
ethnographic method.

*Description of the Position: *The Studio for Ethnographic Design at the
University of California, San Diego invites applications for a postdoctoral
fellow who will contribute to developing a new initiative for ethnographic
inquiry. This initiative, the UC Collaborative for Ethnographic Design
(CoLED), is an interdisciplinary project that is housed at UCSD and links
six University of California campuses (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los
Angeles, Santa Cruz, and San Diego), tying together scholars from a wide
variety of disciplinary backgrounds who are thinking critically about the
practice of ethnography as a method, and the changing conditions of its
production, forms and techniques. The collaboratory will also serve as a
means to improve pedagogical agendas for graduate student training in
ethnographic practice.

The fellow’s primary responsibilities include conceptualizing, programming
and developing proposals for a public conference on the future of
ethnographic research scheduled for fall 2016. Fellows will also
participate in the initiative’s ongoing schedule of activities, which
include thematic practicums elaborating various aspects of ethnography –
from initial project design and collaboration in research to critical
consideration of the publics with whom and for whom we conduct our
research. Teaching is not required, leaving the fellow with time to work on
independent projects, which ideally will overlap with the mission of the
initiative. This position will afford the candidate latitude to conduct a
wide range of activities related to the practice of ethnography; it will
also place the candidate at the center of a network of scholars at the
forefront of ethnographic design. For more information on the Studio for
Ethnographic Design (SED) and the UC Collaborative for Ethnographic Design
(CoLED) please visit our webpage at http://sed.ucsd.edu/.

*Qualifications Required and Preferred Academic Background: *Applicants
must hold a PhD or equivalent and be able to demonstrate a sustained
engagement with innovative ethnographic methods, as both practice and
object of analytical inquiry. Useful experience might include event
planning and successful grant writing. Again, discipline is not as
important as focus on ethnographic method and design.

 *Salary*: $42,840/yr with benefits. For information on benefits package,
see http://postdoc.ucsd.edu/benefits-and-services/index.htm

 *Appointment Length*: 18 months with the possibility of extension. While
collaboration and research would begin on July 1, 2015, we would not expect
the fellow to be in residence in San Diego until September 1, 2015.

 *Application Procedure: *Send applications via email to Elana Zilberg at
sedpostdoc@ucsd.edu. Please use “SED Postdoc Application” in the subject

All applicants should submit:

(1) a CV (maximum five pages),

(2) a cover letter that briefly explains your research and its relationship
with ethnography, demonstrated organizational skills, and successful
proposal writing experience (maximum 3 pages),

(3)  a statement discussing the practice of ethnography both as theory and
as a method, and your contributions to current innovations in advancing the
method  to meet the challenges of the changing conditions of field based
research (maximum 2 pages)

 (4) one writing sample that demonstrates the applicant’s use of and
engagement with ethnography, and

(5) a statement detailing how their presence would contribute to diversity
on UCSD’s campus. (For information on this statement, see

Letters of Recommendation: The candidate should request letters of
recommendation from two referees. These letters should be sent via email to
Elana Zilberg at sedpostdoc@ucsd.edu. Please ask your reviewers to use
“Recommendation for *candidates full name*” in the subject line.

*Application Closing date*: 05/12/2015

*Job Posting Expiration*: 05/12/2105

 Elana Zilberg
 Associate Professor
Department of Communication
Studio for Ethnographic Design
Media Center and Communication Building, Room 206
9500 Gilman Drive (0503)
University of California San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093


"Each new level of development is a new relevant context." C.H. Waddington

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