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[Xmca-l] Re: Resending LSV/ANL on crisis in ontogengy

Annalisa, I don't care tuppence about drawing a line between childhood and adulthood or when and if biological growth stops, etc. The closely related concept, perezhivanie, works well for adulthood. Perezhivanie just refers to situations which either open doors for you, or shut a door in your face, so to speak. It just doesn't depend on a natural process of growth generating contradictions.
*Andy Blunden*

Annalisa Aguilar wrote:
Thanks Andy. Is SSD considered your unit for analysis here?

Also, I do think we continue to biologically mature and grow beyond childhood, and these realities constantly challenge social arrangements, albeit of a much different character than during child development, I'll grant.

Consider pregnant women? Is a father caring for a family of 4 compared to a family of 10 a biological process of biological maturation or merely a social one? There have been studies of men whose hormones change once they begin caring for and bond with their young children. So if that is true, the hormone changes may generate for a longer time period for the family with 8 kids compared to 2. And how might this work for an extended family versus an isolated one?

What happens when on becomes infirm, either from whooping cough, a toothache, food poisoning, or a car accident injury? or struggles with a fatal illness like cancer or perhaps tuberculosis? Don't we also shift our social realities as we slow down and transfigure into our silver years once we begin to depend upon others while we simultaneously rage against the dying of the light?
Is this not biological? If so, how is it not biological?

I don't mean to conflate child development with adult development; I agree that they are different, but perhaps it is an error to base our thought upon concepts that adults stop developing biologically. It's just different (perhaps an downward arc of mortality rather than an upward one), and it may not happen as uniformly as child developmental processes, if we can even call those uniform.

Kind regards,