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[Xmca-l] Re: Resending LSV/ANL on crisis in ontogengy

I think Huw put the alternative interpretation of Leontyev's words very well. There *is* a difference there, but it is not as profound as at first sight. I don't agree with the cast David has put on my view though. It is precisely in understanding the crises as being transitions between SSDs which is where SSD is invaluable as the unit. In general of course it is true, that a unit shed light on a specific problem, and is not the key to everything.
*Andy Blunden*

David Kellogg wrote:
... he set out the necessity of different units of analysis
for different problems (which is why I agree with Andy that the SSD is an
adequate unit of analysis for SOME problems but not for the crisis). He
says that even in kids like Huw's, who experience no apparent crisis, we
can observe that particular periods appear to stand out against more stable
periods in three respects: