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[Xmca-l] The Concepts of CHAT

In January and February, I delivered 10 lectures on *The Concepts of CHAT* in Melbourne. I have edited them up into a series of videos, using the PowerPoint slides, subtitles and audience views to enhance the talking head. Shukla Sikder and Feiyan Chen did a great job in video recording the whole thing and the quality is good. The concepts covered are: Action, behaviour and consciousness; Genetic method; unity and dichotomy; Analysis by units and germ cell; Word meaning and artefact-mediated action, dual stimulation; Perezhivanie and catharsis, social situation of development, disability/compensation; Concepts during childhood; Spontaneous, true and actual concepts; the emotions; Activity: operations, actions and activities; Object of activity in Leontyev, Engeström and Vygotsky; Project as unit of social life. The videos and a link to the prescribed reading is at https://vimeo.com/groups/301100/

There's 10 hours of video there, so I don't expect reviews from xmca-ers, but anyone teaching CHAT might consider whether it meets some of your needs. I try to confine myself to what I know something about and as best I could, stayed away from issues of Psychology and Learning Science of which I am ignorant. Just the Concepts.

*Andy Blunden*