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[Xmca-l] Re: Quote from Marx & Engels collected works vol. 12

"Oilier" is "other"
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*Andy Blunden*

Huw Lloyd wrote:
In Davydov's volume on generalization (p.119), he quotes Marx using the
word "oilier".  The citation is from Russian, but if anyone has the English
this will be fine.  Is this a correct quotation?  Is oilier given a meaning
or sense?

"Every form of society has a certain industry which determines the place
and the influence of all oilier industries, and whose relations therefore
also determine the place and the influence of all other industries.  This
is a general illumination, in which all other colors disappear and which
modifies them in their features.  This is a special ether that determines
the specific weight of everything real that is detected in it."

For those interested, Davydov's volume can be found here: