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I said the dominant province of Vygotsky's work ; that means all through his works , he uses terms and expressions which denote or connote "action" : behaviour , operation , activity , work as labour proper and these are not things which might escape your good attention . 

Then denial of action is denial of what Vygotsky has taken for granted . 

Vygotsky does have an unending love for word and literature , art in general ; Then we should not take him as being guilty because he either did not have time or he did not want to deal with the analysis of "action" . 

In his "Higher Psychological Functions" , he first talks about an environment , he stresses that the environment necessitates use of tools even for the months-old child , then he elucidates in details the influence of speech upon each function . It's my assumption that Vygotsky implies that when everything is in place , that is , when by the blessings of speech , all functions are ripe and rich and replete with influences , then the gown-up , adolescent , adult , man becomes ready to go fully for transformations . And I don't mean : word ends , action begins ; no linear advancement . through zigs and zags , heading towards will be the agenda . 

I ask : is that the case that you think that Vygotsky thought that with rich , ripe psychological functions a la speech influence , man was finished with everything to continue living ?? I'm afraid not ! Man now had to take one very big step further , farther . To have ideals , to let them penetrate cycles of activities to provide products to satisfy needs because the richest , ripest talk will not satisfy life needs . 

Capitalism today though decaying , has opted for horrendous deeds and wants to go ahead with these deeds through futile talks . Destructive arsenals are not for defense as coming from rich beneficial talks ; they won't wait for the United Nations' benevolent tribunes nor for the written files therefrom , either . 

The United Actions of all the oppressed peoples of the world may wayward another big disaster !!
and that requires already agreed upon talks ; otherwise no deed will be a crowned one !