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[Xmca-l] Re: Fwd: NYTimes.com: A Deal That Preserves Greece’s Place in Eurozone, and Fiscal Restraints

I respect other people's views. But I can not understand how, not the
working masses, but the educated and thinking people are so easily deceived
by the rise of such pseudo-leftist movements like Syriza and Podemos in
Spain. It is a well-known fact that capitalist system never tolerates, put
aside encourages, a real working-class movement which truly represents the
interests of the working people to rise so easily whereas in the case of
Syriza it is just the opposite. Syriza's rise is facilitated by the capital
because Syriza facilitates the management of capitalism's deep crisis. It
promised to do so, primarily to the capitalist system. This is apparent,
that it tries to ease the results of the crisis for the capitalist class,
and not the working-class. Syriza is another of innombrable experiences
whose main mission is to extend the life of this system which can give
nothing anymore to working-classes, especially to younger generations.
In capitalism, nobody opens your way so easily if you really question and
act truly against the interests of its dominant class.
I strongly propose to subscribe to www.solidnet.org in order to be able to
be informed of the regular statements of kke, communist party of greece,
which increased its votes under such deceiving conditions.

Paul Krugman has been really good on the Greek situation and his links are
even better.  He links to an economist who is stunned at the NYT position
(Krugman has a twice a week column for the NYT).  It is the third post down
in the blog that convinced me that Syriza really knows what they're doing
and they are looking to extend the discussion over months (the opposite of
what Ireland did).  This is not what Krugman exactly says, but it fits
adding in a healthy does of critical thinking, a sprinkling of Marxism, and
perhaps even a dash of cultural historical perspectives.

Here is his blog in case anybody is interested.



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Eurozone, and Fiscal Restraints

One American assessment of what happened in Greece's efforts to break the
grip of Germany and the Eurozone. Active involvement of European workers
outside of Athens not particularly evident.

Subject: NYTimes.com: A Deal That Preserves Greece’s Place in Eurozone, and
Fiscal Restraints
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     News Analysis A Deal That Preserves Greece’s Place in Eurozone, and
Fiscal Restraints <

An agreement to extend Greece?s bailout for four months also committed the
nation to fiscal targets and other conditions that its new leadership had
vowed to scrap.
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