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[Xmca-l] Re: Erratic Marxists

Hi mike and all and sundry types whether ideologues or nay!  :)

Yes, I found that quote that you pulled out to be a most poignant thought as well. 

What I respond to in Varolufakis's article, which I will have to learn how to pronounce properly (anyone know where the emphasis is?), is that he is transparent where he agrees and where he is critical with Marx. I find this to provide more access to what Marx said, and it enables me to engage a little better with the material because it removes the messiah from the man, even if his message may be listing to the prophetic. 

There is an apparent movement to completely erase progressive liberalism as ineffectual which is accomplished by grouping it all together with traditional conservatism and contain them all in an assorted box of chocolates called neo-liberalism, and from that containment there is a sway toward the fizzy pop of libertarianism, but there are, it seems, two kinds of libertarians ones who get there from the right (the tea party), and ones who get there from the left (Occupy).

It is a fight for liberty, but not as we would think. It is a fight for The Brand of Liberty as the platform. The bizarre thing about this is, it is in every person's fiber to want liberty, so how the liberty-right and the liberty-left are to be distinguished is going to be an interesting debate. 

Who owns the word "libertarian" anyway? Oddly to try to create a new word out of liberty might be "libertine," but that has too fleshy a sensation for most people's political sensibilities! What about libertitian? libertanian?

I've never heard of an erratic Marxist? Has anyone heard it before? When I search it, all that comes up is Varolufakis.

Kind regards,