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[Xmca-l] Form, Function, and Hope

The theme [sense] of hope within an atmosphere [mood] of despair, dread,
and cynicism has been referred to as "blues hope".
The question of "being" in the present moment and only from this moment can
we act is presented as a relation with blues hope.
This "being" which sociocultural themes indicate "carries" form which
develop in particular practices of creating "collectives".
So where do we situate Bloch's notion of "hope" within these "forms" as
cultural-historical embedded practices.

Athanasios Marvakis answer [page 2] is:

"The 'utopian' is not located - as a speculation - in a transcendent and
separate realm else-where or else-when.  Utopianism AS future orientedness
- is immanent in the present, and the issue IS [LP - being] to detect,
recognize, and discern, rather than to criticise, the blurred and fuzzy
MANIFESTATIONS of hope - AS the emotional energizing ground [LP - coming
into form] of utopianism - that EXIST [LP - have their being] within
everyday life."

I would say this is one "theme" or sense that can be "generated" to
Annalisa's question on only being in the present moment "exists"