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[Xmca-l] Could Life Be [exploring hope]

I overlooked the invitation to read and discuss Morten Nissen's article
which was sent recently. [I attached again]

I am going to reference page 97 - 98 to once again return to the notion of
meaning and sense.
Morten refers to Drier drawing on social phenomenology [Schultz, Husserl,
Heidegger]. Drier highlights spatio-temporality [here and now] AS A
REACTION to the obvious alternative -structural-functional "versions" of
Marxist social theory that have become part of the cultural-historical
tradition.  This structuralist "approach" derives "social units" from the
"standard" intentional structure "as given" in a functional division of
labour.  The unit of an activity would be "defined" from within a notion of
the "object" or "object-motive".
Collectives in question are defined in an either/or version. In this
article either the U-Turn is a therapy group with the object of cure OR the
U-Turn is a film crew with the object of a music video.  [a
structural-functional way of defining the "events".

The "structure of practice" which Ilyenkov called the "objective form of
subjective activity" is thus declared "identical" with [this is the key
point] that subjective activity "itself" Subjectivity is reduced to the
objective "meaning".

The "con-version" of meaning [objective] into "sense" [inner form] is no
longer problematic. With this form of "reasoning" [as reduction] we now are
prejudiced to "see" that we can now "know" [with this approach] "directly"
about "subjectivity".

I hope I have been faithful to what Morten was intending to make clear.
These are alternative versions [and visions].
I would add they are enacting alternative "meta-phors" or images of the
ideal but that is extending towards Zinchenko's notion of "inner form" and
going beyond this paper.

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