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[Xmca-l] Re: Voloshinov or Bakhtin? Stylometric analysis

Hello Tom,
there has been recently edited this book,  Bronckart, C. Bota, *Bakhtine
démasqué – Histoire d’un menteur, d’une escroquerie et d’un délire
collectif*, Droz, Ginebra, 2011, where the authors state (and seem to
probe) that there has been an ideological political operation in presenting
two different authors (Voloshinov and Bakhtin), as the same (Bakhtin). They
say that, in doing so, all the richness of the 20s marxism is obliterated
and shadowed by the controversial figure of Bakhtine.
I leave here an interesting article about the cuestion, by french
philosopher Lucien Seve. I have just in french and spanish.

Juan Duarte

2015-02-03 9:36 GMT-03:00 Tom Martin <Tom.Martin@education.ox.ac.uk>:

> Hello,
> Reading the "Social memory in Soviet thought" chapter in Harry Daniels'
> Introduction to Vygotsky, I was surprised to learn that there is an
> authorship debate around the work of the post-Vygotsky writer Voloshinov
> (whom, to be honest, I had never heard of before today). Apparently much of
> his work was later attributed to Bakhtin.
> This caught my interest because I have been playing around with the Stylo
> suite for R, which does Stylometric analysis. Stylo is being used in a
> number of interesting projects to make claims about authorship. If anyone
> sees this Voloshinov/Bakhtin question as being valid and worth pursuing, I
> would be happy to spend an evening plugging the texts into R to see what
> comes out. The only hurdle for me would be getting digital versions of the
> texts in Russian - unfortunately that is beyond my linguistic and Google
> skills.
> Best,
> Tom
> Doctoral candidate, Oxford University