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[Xmca-l] Re: Imagination

I would suggest it is a "moral" or "ethical" disposition as a way of
"approaching" the other that is asymmetrical and enacts a relational
ontology. As I read Kobito Theory it also is an active process of imaginal
"projection" that *ex*presses a deep felt relation towards the object.
Surrender is not a "feeling" it is an active process of "approaching" what
is other and entering into a deep engagement with what is other through
this act of imagination.
However by this act of "surrender" [not submission] to a thirs place it is
possible to "realize" [open an imaginal space] AS a place in which BOTH
persons enact the realized "hybrid" third place and in this enactment
experience a felt connection to a novel formation.
I understand this "place" in a way similar to imagining the "inner form" of
the teacup.
It is an ethical act. It is radical perspective if we have a relation to
the imaginal informed by empirical notions of some phenomena as objective
and real and other phenomena are subjective and private. Kobito Theory is
enacting a different ethical focus and approach to the other [material and


On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 7:06 PM, Annalisa Aguilar <annalisa@unm.edu> wrote:

> Is feeling "surrendering" or just feeling?
> If feeling is just feeling, then is there a need to surrender?
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> Annalisa