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[Xmca-l] Naoki Ueno passed away

Dear All xMCAers,

We have regrettably inform you that Naoki Ueno, one of the most active and influential researchers in Japanese activity theory, has passed away on 27th January because of pancreas cancer.  As we in Japan didn’t have any information on his health problem, the news was a big surprise for us. He had been the militant critique of the cognitivism since his graduate student days. It was after his return from sabbatical stay at LCHC in 1989, however, that his work became very productive and influential in Japan. He introduced the ideas of situated approach to Japan, and shocked us. He has remained at the front of the activity theory research and stimulating us not only in Japan but also internationally until his young death at 64. As he has many friends and comrades internationally, we tell all of you this sad news in xmca network.

Kiyotaka Miyazaki
Waseda University,