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[Xmca-l] Re: RES: Re: Thirdness and its various versions

Hello Larry and even Henry and all sundry odds and evens ! :)

I seem to be swimming in a continuous river of synchronicity. Today I kerplunked into this article:

I thought it was a perfect addition, in consideration of rhythm (a word without vowels), and discusses babies and their ability for recognizing tonality and rhythym! (among other delights) Many references to researchers in the article that might expand XMCAers' reach in this area, and thus I offer it to the list, with a mental flowerbud.

Then! I noticed this link in the aeon article above to a Vimeo (about 28 minutes short) about the Church of St John Coltrane, that seems to create its own space in a merging of many different kinds of spaces, in a documentary about inner joy... through music. 


Lots of overlaps! :)

Kind regards,