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[Xmca-l] Re: Haiti by the numbers, five years after

We haitians are fighters.  We have toppled every government the US, Canada, and The European Union have attempted to impose on us since Aristide.  

As a person of African descent I find christianity, given its historical record, very offensive.  So I use the following analogy tongue and cheek.  I see Haiti's relationship to the US comparable to that of Israel and the Roman Empire.  I say, leave haiti alone and let the masses decide what they want to do with the country.  If not, I will quote Toussaint Louverture here, "we defeated three super powers before, and we will do it again if need be!"

Dr. Paul C. Mocombe
The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc.

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</div>What can be done?

I think many are upset about this, but do not know what to do. 

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