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[Xmca-l] Re: Laws of evolution and laws of history

The Linear B story is interesting, Annalisa.  Apparently the Linear B
writing system's architecture was in Crete in those Linear A tablets before
the Greeks came.  They re-purposed the writing system for their Mycenaean
dialect.  So it doesn't show up as one of the four de nouveau writing
systems in the Chicago museum exhibit.  

Peg Griffin, Ph. D.
Washington, DC 20003

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Hi Peg,

This U Chicago catalog is really nice! 

I noticed that there was no mention of Linear B. But perhaps that is because
Crete is not considered "Oriental." :)

A fantastic book on Linear B (if anyone named Henry is interested) is The
Riddle of the Labryinth: The quest to crack an ancient code by Margalit Fox,
about how they decoded the writing in the 1950s (or thereabouts?)

The book is a special tribute to Alice Kober who did most of the heavy
lifting, but was not given proper credit (until this book of course!) It's
wonderfully written and reads almost like a detective novel. A nice break
from dense reading... if you need a break. 

For those not familiar with Linear B it is a syllabic script.

I noticed that Margalit Fox also wrote a book called, "Talking Hands: What
sign language reveals about the mind."

And yes, Andy, Linear B would supply you evidence about administrative
purposes!  :)

Kind regards,