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[Xmca-l] Tensions in the concept testimonio

Miguel wrote in the other thread:

One of the (many)  central problems raised by testimonio, which I also find
in standpoint  theory (Harding), is the question/tension/exploration of
individual AND
collective voicing.

I was hoping Miguel and others could elaborate on this central *problem*
[and central question]
Peter's question if testimonio and third spaces also require resistance and
therefore he chose to use the concept *hybrid*
I am hoping to refocus [re-search] the transformative EFFECT of *third
spaces* and link it back to the notion of "truth" as being relevant [not

Using ideas such as "living in truth" or "hearing each other into voice"
can develop within third spaces but if there is no resistance must we shift
to a notion such as hybrid to understand Miguel's question and problem the
tensions within "individual AND collective *voices*

I am not sure about starting another thread, but chose to do so to focus
back to Miguel's original answer "inviting" receptively further questions.