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[Xmca-l] Re: Sociocritical Literacies and more context


"Postcolonialism" and "Orientalism" definitely demonize the West, and self
proclaimed "subalterns" do all the speaking and the "West" does all the
listening. Decolonialism is the realization that this stance might have been
necessary but it clearly isn't sufficient. The cases you mention illustrate
that, where so-called "oppressed" become oppressors themselves. I am
espousing continued two-way communication and dialectic interaction on more
symmetrical grounds. There is no need to undermine "the West" or "save the
East" or vice versa. I am imagining the outcome of "going East" for the
"Western" intellectual the emergence of a West that see itself as East, and
an East that sees itself as West otherwise it is perpetual antagonism and
"culture wars" as you describe. I'm not sure about your characterization of
the roots of the internet.  


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Message from Francine:

How can you have a dialectic or a discourse with the 'other'
(i.e. the so-called Western intellectual) when the rhetoric of
postcolonialism, decolonialism, and  Orientalism demonizes the West?
At the very same time, that ISIL, el Shabbab, Boko Haram, are the oppressors
massacring thousands of Christians and Muslims, - and it is the West that
has to intervene to save these innocent lives. 

You are espousing a one way communication in which self-labeled subalterns
want to do all the speaking, and have the people they have designated as
their oppressors do all the listening. 

There is also the irony, that the internet is a product of Western
- wasn't the world wide web designed by the U.S. military? If it is O.K. to
use  Western 'tools' to undermine the West , then this is not decolonialism
but merely culture wars.

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> Greg and Annalisa,
> The question you raise, and a point made earlier by Peter, seems to me the
> outcome of post-colonial literature. This is why there is a need for the
> "Western intellectual" to "go East." This was the conclusion of Edward
> Said's "Orientalism" and other post-colonial theorists. Since the time of
> Napoleon, the "Western intellectual" had been going east, engaged in
> "subaltern studies" for the purpose of conquest and cultural domination.
> He/She must now "go East" to hear/listen to the "other" in order to
> its self and embrace a pedagogy of "decolonization." If the "Western
> intellectual" is the oppressor, then "going East" to "hear" is his/her
> pedagogy. I believe this was at the at the heart of Freire's "Pedagogy of
> the Oppressed" as well. A pedagogy that is just as "critical" and
> for the so called "oppressor" as it is for the so called "oppressed." This
> is a dialectic missing in today's critical, ethnic, and "subaltern"
> programs.   
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> Hi Greg,
> You know, I think you are on to something there. 
> As long as there isn't a subsequent Oppression of the Pedagogy of the
> Oppressors, I think it could work!
> Kind regards,
> Annalisa
> On Jan 3, 2015 9:21 AM,  Greg Thompson <greg.a.thompson@gmail.com> wrote:
> Seems to me that Spivak's "Can the subaltern speak?" is just as much a
> question of "Can the Western intellectual hear/listen?"
> Makes me wonder about articulating a Pedagogy of the Oppressors.
> -greg