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[Xmca-l] In case you are listening to the virtue of the ignorant

Hello all!

Of course virtue doesn't make a sound, nor does it speak, but I figured the subject line might grab your attention. If so, then... voilá!

I found this very short article on Farnam Street about Einstein that may interest xmca folks:


by S. Parrish  12/17/14

What I like about the article is the necessity for Einstein to examine much variety in order to learn to discern what was possible to discard and what was important to regard.

I disagree more than a little with Charles Munger, because one man's folly is another man's gold. Or woman, as the case may be...

Kind regards,


P.S. As my year-end gift to the list I offer a link to Duke Ellington's Sugar Rum Cherry, so... merry merry merry clinks to overlaps and gaps! :)


Enjoy the Plum!?