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[Xmca-l] Re: Not too long and not too short

Dear Rob

I absolutely agree with your comments; and you share them in a very clear
discourse (I couldn´t do that). XMCA has been my proximal scientific
"master" for a long time. In a fruitful conversational genre, theory has
been developed in this community.

I what concerns XMCA discussion, I think there are some practical ideas
that could make easier our participation  an I agree that one of them is
the length of the posts.

In a broader perspective, I would like to enhance Greg´s proposal, in the
sense that we could link all of XMCA spaces (nodes of the network) in a
common territory: we can participate in our Facebook page, we have videos
on Vimeo, a wiki, a webpage. Why not link all of those spaces (Greg´s
example: http://connectedcourses.net/), so that novices and elders we could
feel easier the development of our sense of belonging?

Happy holidays.



2014-12-23 11:31 GMT+00:00 rjsp2 <r.j.s.parsons@open.ac.uk>:

> As a long time lurker and learner, my first reaction was if it ain't
> broke, don't fix it. My second reaction, after a night's sleep, was that
> my first reaction had something going for it.
> I've been following this list for several years now, always feeling both
> too ignorant and too pressed to contribute more than very occasionally.
> It is by a distance the most consistently academic and intensely
> illuminating forum I have ever been present in, and my thanks are due to
> many of you here for enriching my life and my academic endeavours.
> In Andy's terms, this has always struck me as a conversation. After
> dinner, if you will, but a conversation which follows its own twisty,
> windy path and always ends up somewhere unpredictable but valuable.
> That, I think, is the reason for its continuing quality; the
> conversation is not corralled at all.
> I haven't counted posts, but it does seem of late that the list has been
> much more busy. It has always impressed me how people have the time, and
> the quality of thinking, to write so many clear, well focussed, well
> argued and detailed messages here, and perhaps the growing pace is
> making some feel that it is all a bit too much. I suspect that if we
> leave it alone, the pace will slow down again, perhaps after a natural
> break for Christmas festivities.
> When I am not marking or trying to teach my students how to think, I
> occasionally dabble in knowledge management for a company that works in
> a number of different countries. One of the great lessons of knowledge
> management, and one unfortunately not learned by many with knowledge
> management in their job description, is that you can't manage knowledge.
> There is a lot that you can do with it. You can codify and transmit
> quite a lot, but ultimately, the most valuable knowledge refuses to be
> pinned down, and those who try simply destroy what they seek to contain.
> Perhaps it is important to let these conversations continue to be just
> conversations.
> (And finally, can I just briefly say I disagree with your
> characterisation of "real space" versus "cyberspace", Andy. Cyberspace
> is just as real as physical space.)
> Rob, just off out to buy sprouts (I particularly like the Newsthump
> headline from 2011 "Sales of ‘any old shit’ expected to treble as men
> start Christmas shopping")
> On 23/12/2014 01:24, Andy Blunden wrote:
>> I would be interested to know what real-space activity people would
>> take xmca to be "modelling" in cyberspace?
>> Are we participating in
>>    a kind of scientific symposium or maybe a conference?
>>    or an after dinner conversation? (or maybe a staffroom conversation)?
>>    a formal decision making meeting, where we address the Chair, make
>>    amendments, etc.?
>>    a Occupy-type general meeting?
>> Or is "none of the above" the only answer?
>> Andy
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>> *Andy Blunden*
>> http://home.pacific.net.au/~andy/
>> Annalisa Aguilar wrote:
>>> Apparently we need a Goldilocks section in the Newcomer's page!
>>> :)
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