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[Xmca-l] Help With Russian

I'm afraid I need help again. I'm working on the second part of Vygotsky's
lectures on pedology, which are the lectures he delivered at the Herzen
Institute. He's obviously trying to finish up his book on Child Development
at the same time, so what he has to say is similar to but not identical
with "Problem of Age" in Volume Four of the Russian Collected Works (Vol. 5
of the English). Here's what he says:

Но так как процесс детского развития теснейшим образом связан с воспитанием
ребенка и само разделение воспитания на отдельные ступени основано на
огромном практическом опыте прииорвливания ступеней образования к
возрастным особенностям ребенка, естественно,что такое расчленение детства
по педагогическому принципу часто чрезвычайно близко подводит нас к
истинному и практическому расчленению детства на отдельные периоды.

So this means something like: "But since the process of child development
is intimately linked with the enculturation of the child and the
articulation of enculturation into individual stages is based on a great
deal of (prior?) practical experience (prioritizing??) the stages in the
formation of enculturation of the child naturally means that
disarticulating childhood according to pedagogical principles often brings
us very close to the real and practical disarticulation of childhood into
individual periods."

I've got all of this except for the word прииорвливания which I can't find
in my dictionary anywhere. It doesn't appear in the Collected Works either,
and all of our Russian professors have gone home for the holidays. Help?

David Kellogg
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies