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[Xmca-l] Roy Harris and Integrationist Linquistics

Peter Jones writes on intergrationist approaches to language and references
Roy Harris:
Here is Roy in his own words

tOur position, in contrast with the practice of CDA, is that the
identification of the communicational processes and strategies relevant to
particular engagements, the understanding and interpretation of what the
relevant or significant communicational forms, meanings and patterns are in
a particular situation or event is something that emerges in the course of
detailed empirical investigation of the relevant event in all its
complexity. There is simply no method or procedure of discourse analysis to
be applied short of this process of deciding what words mean in the course
of interpretatively reconstructing an entire action or event to which the
words contribute. Within the event itself there is no level or dimension of
“discourse” as a self-contained, stable and iterable system of forms and

The central focus is on *context* and every semiological *act* cannot be
interpreted except in its specific situated context.
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