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[Xmca-l] Re: Time, Imagination, Metaphor

Hello Francine (and Larry),

Yes! Let's not forget perception and imagination!

And let me second subjective perspectives and bibliographic references!

[If anyone has any to add to the ABC that come to mind, please forward them to me!  TQ]

I fully enjoy the noodle into pasta example. Are you saying that time is metaphysical? Would space be metaphysical too?

Robert brought up a perfect example of the Hopi's view of time and the Guugu Yimithirr of Australia and their method of employing cardinal directions to orient themselves in space.

That example also reminded me of the Greek Poet Simonides of Ceos and the Memory Palace... see the Extreme Memory Tournament 
and the book that tells you how to remember everything:

Also Francine, when you say:
> The 'Natural' Science that arises from European culture begins as mechanical physics and alchemy in which machines have parts and chemicals have elements. It has evolved into the study of energy, and systems theory.

I wanted to say, don't forget to include astrology with alchemy and mechanical physics!  :) (Which is an ancient systems theory) and then becomes astronomy, and this has certainly altered our sense of both time and space by light years!  :)

Kind regards,