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[Xmca-l] Re: Imagination


I did not mean it as you might think. But it is spooky the association that you made! Or was it mediated, I don't know!

The way I meant it was in our community the concept of genesis is important. I posted the section because I thought it captured something interesting about the concept "association of ideas." Not because I am pro-association, but because here is a phrase that was lifted and then applied to psychology and then an assortment of meanings were historically associated with that phrase that have a psychological coloring. 

So I meant it like that. 

However, I don't think I mind that "seeing as genesis" is interpreted in the way I think you may have read it. This is not to say that I think that seeing is the prime (as in only) sense that mediates thought, as we have 4 other senses, and I would say that in reality all these senses are intertwined and contribute to higher resolutions when internalized, and how they impress depends on the saliency of the situation in embodied experience. Affect too is relevant here. I'd say affect is the historical component rather than memory of facts, say. This is why I like the Locke quote that starts:  "Some of our ideas have a natural correspondence and connection with one another..." as well as his inquiry was motivated by ethical and pedagogical reasons, not psychological.

But perhaps seeing is a good first step to model *what happens*, (a la Gibson) always being cognizant that it is united with the other sense organs and with feelings, and also with the environment. In many ways sight is our first encounter with the distant world, in terms of meeting the day (I don't mean as infants, just everyday experience, for infants it is different of course). Vision as a first step may be difficult to assert because my intelligence has a lot of vision in it, that is, I depend a lot upon my visual ability to think and to consider; I understand it may not be that way for others. Still, it works for me.

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Can you say more about what you mean by "seeing as genesis"?