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[Xmca-l] Re: The Annotated Bibliography Project (ABP)

Might be worth considering Greg M's suggestion about "upvoting". It could
be intimidating for a newbie to confront 100+ text citations with
annotations. I fear that would prove an overwhelming choice for a newbie.
Instead, it seems like it would be nice for the newbie to have the list
sorted based on which ones the XMCA community sees as the most important.
Alternatively, you and Helena could come up with some kind of sorting into
"essential" texts to start with (note that however you do it, this category
would not be coterminous with the difficulty category - there may be an
"essential" text that is not an easy read).
But I'm thinking that maybe you have already addressed this issue.
Apologies if so.

On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 1:07 PM, Annalisa Aguilar <annalisa@unm.edu> wrote:

> Hi Greg,
> Thanks for your message and suggestions therein!
> There is no need to fear that texts will get left out, because texts
> aren't going to be voted upon. This is why I'd indicated that if the 100
> count goes larger, then it goes larger. The idea is to create a space for
> novices to pick their own way through the forest of texts and to provide
> some cues by a (1-5) reading level designation (RLD) and deeper contextual
> references with the comments, so novices can pick their way through.
> The only groundswell required is to offer texts you believe germane and
> your comments! Helena and I will do the rest! When the list is ready for
> prime time, there is nothing that says it cannot be shaped and edited
> according to the communities needs, we are only writing in pixels, not pen
> and ink, and certainly not cement!  :)
> As far as copyright, this won't be an issue because if there is a
> copyright issue, the list item will only be listed as a citation. I don't
> think listing a citation is against copyright, nor listing an abstract. So
> we got you covered!
> The ABP is one part of the Newcomer's Project that Helena and I are doing
> as a first step in a larger project. So if you wanted to create learning
> modules for novices, I don't see why we couldn't incorporate that in this
> cluster of texts intended to create access for novices. These modules you
> suggest could link to different areas of the Newcomer's pages, no problem!
> No one is going to argue over definitions of words in the comments for the
> texts. The comments are to help with reading, not to argue controversies,
> and this is what the "take it outside" pages can be for. "Taking it
> outside" is not because we want to stop debate, but to frame them
> contextually and allow newcomers to view and decide for themselves. THAT
> there is a controversy is a good thing for a novice to be aware of while
> reading. These controversies will likely never settle, so I had no
> intention of trying to do that here. I hope my thoughts on this concern
> provides some relaxation!
> I'm glad to hear everyone's comments and concerns. This shows how much you
> all care. None of this is falling on deaf ears! Thank you for coming
> forward and speaking up!
> Kind regards,
> Annalisa

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