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[Xmca-l] Re: The Annotated Bibliography Project (ABP)

Hi Katherine!

My sense is that there will be a best of breed the more people make known their preferences. I think it's great to know the efforts made concerning the history of the list. Helena and I intend to create a summary of the historical texts so newcomers have an easy access to understanding how the list came to be what it is today. Everything helps!

One thing Helena and I hope to accomplish for the Newcomer's Project is to capture preferences and conventions so newcomers can be cued to the culture, which is sometimes hard to understand because this is a list, not a picnic, nor a conference, nor a dinner party, where those contexts have their own scripts and are fairly well-known. :) I myself seem to have crossed the grain, unintentionally, as a newcomer, but I certainly don't mean to walk on anyone's toes. 

The thing about cyberspace is that it has no space, which I'd imagine means there's room for a lot of everything! It's the "navigation through everything" that is tricky, and so we're just trying to help by setting up some possible structure that enable and empower newcomers.

I hope I'm not being condescending at all, I only want to be transparent. 

If you have some page links to share of places to look at the lchc wiki, Helena and I would be pleased to look at these other resources you clearly do not believe should be overlooked. Then she and I can discuss how to integrate this into what we've got going.

Thanks for your care and attention!

Kind regards,