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[Xmca-l] Re: Imagination

Hi Henry!

YES, the engine is a metaphor, my metaphor, to aid in constructing my meaning. What is poignant is that when I used it I was not at all aware that I was employing a metaphor. So you pointing that out truly tickled me!

I have written a little bit on the way scientific metaphors are used to consider ourselves. I don't think we can help it. As science evolves and we throw out the old science to bring in the new, along with that will be our use of their corresponding metaphors. What I find important is that metaphors are not global (in that they will construct meaning for every aspect intended for description or modeling) and they are not universal (in that everyone will understanding them, since many times they are cultural). I think they work best when metaphors are embodied because all humans have bodies, and environmental, because all humans can conceivably be put in the theater of an environment and understand what is meant. Of course this depends upon if a person can stand in a theater to know what that is like, to stand on a stage, for example, or to stand in the wings, or to be an audience.

One metaphor I would not at all mind to retire is the mindbrain metaphor.

Kind regards,