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[Xmca-l] Re: Changing Practices at XMCA

Hi Mike, et al,

I believe for all these cases (of transgressing time-honored conventions), this will be taken care of by having a newcomer's page! I am sure of this! It was something I proposed upon joining. :)

Might I also add that I too have a lot of sympathy for Bruce's comment:

"I have myself considered leaving but stayed because I value the project and get something from xmca, though I feel that has diminished over time."

Though I cannot say that I feel that it has diminished over time, because I am a newcomer! :) (Though maybe having an Old-Timer's page is also required!) I cannot really say what the list _is_ or what it _should be_, I can only offer what I'd like to see it be and hope people share my same desires. If people are against that, I'm sure I'll learn about it right quick, or maybe I'll learn from a boomerang hitting me backside the head. :)

I would kindly offer that it may be difficult for people to indicate what they are willing to contribute without having an idea what kind of help is needed. With this in mind, I'd like to suggest perhaps coming up with A List of Ideals (aka Final Forms), of what we would like the list to become (since it is always going to be an unfinished project), and use Our Ideals as a constellation to guide us (Perhaps we can make a page called Our North Star where this list is maintained).

>From these agreed-upon ideals, we might generate a scratchpad list of actions, written in a brainstormy way for people to offer up loose projects that might create more value and interest (based upon Our North Star). Of course this might be _the opportunity_ for dusting off old ideas for old projects people have left to collect dust in their closets. 

In keeping with the season, these snowflakey-projects will thus start to coalesce into balls!

As these snowy balls start to snowball, it seems that these projects might generate BOF's (birds of a feather), and people will flock (and I mean flock like crows!) to where their interests reside. These BOFs can start to make their own snowstructures accordingly (igloos, snowmen, or snowball fights, take your pick), breaking down said project into tasks, and tasks into actions among each other, zoped-sledding it as they go!

How's that for a strategy broken down into tactical maneuverings?

Kind regards,