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[Xmca-l] Imagination

For those interested in the imagination thread, attached are two articles
by philosophers who have worried about the issue.

My current interest stems from the work of CHAT theorists like Zaporozhets
and his students who studied the development of imagination in a manner
that, it turns out, goes back to Kant's notion of productive imagination. I
am not advocating going back to Kant, and have no intention of doing so.
But these ideas seem worth pursuing as explicated in the attached texts.

Through reading the Russians and then these philosophers, I came upon the
idea that perception and imagination are very closely linked at several
levels of analysis. This is what, in our naivete, Ettienne and I argued in
our paper on imagination sent around earlier as a means of access to the
work of the blind-deaf psychologist, Alexander Suvorov. Moreover, such
views emphasize the future orientation of the perception/imagination
process. I believe that these views have direct relevance to Kris's paper
to be found on the KrisRRQ thread, and also speak to concerns about the
role of different forms of symbolic play in development.

So here are the papers on the imagination thread. Perhaps they will prove
useful for those interested.

It is the dilemma of psychology to deal with a natural science with an
object that creates history. Ernst Boesch.

Attachment: Imagination and Perception by P.F. Strawson.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document