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[Xmca-l] Re: Call for Manuscripts, Regeneración, Issue on the Neoliberal Privatization of Public Education

While the focus is on public education, any space is amenable for
analysis.  We sometimes get issues from parent organizers, student
organizations, interviews of students fighting for social justice in
college campuses.  Formal, non-formal, institutional, non-institutional,
etc. will work.

If the submission focuses on 'praxis', on responses and resistance to the
neoliberal privatization of education, any space and sustained activity,
etc. is worth looking at-- but a connection should be drawn to how it
deliberately responds to neoliberalism and its messy tentacles, perhaps
highlighting possible worlds and social dreams.

A connection can definitely be drawn between sociocritical studies and
this topic, certainly.  I believe the work we did in MSLI (I was an
integral member of MSLI for 3 years) was in many ways creating alternative
spaces and social dreams; in a way it was a bottom-up approach of building
consciousness and I think Freire would have been proud of our work.  As
lead instructor, Carlos Tejeda's decolonizing pedagogies framework lead to
some beautiful, creative activity in that space, for many years.  As an
instantiation of sociocritical literacies, I would say the work Kris
outlines is definitely a great example of "responses to neoliberalism" and
was here and there a part of our talk/framing as we moved pedagogically.

As an editor of the journal, the 'constraint' we do have is that
submissions be written for a general audience; I know that is ambiguous.
Keep in mind that the articles get read by our members in ARE, their
students, they are sometimes used as political education in conferences,
in some instances reading circles in non-formal community settings.


On 12/10/14 10:24 PM, "mike cole" <mcole@ucsd.edu> wrote:

>How broad is your mandates, Miguel? Does it extend to after school? Seems
>like it would help to know the kinds of efforts you consider exemplary
>Does this topic fit in with sociocritical studies?
>On Wednesday, December 10, 2014, Zavala, Miguel <
>mizavala@exchange.fullerton.edu> wrote:
>> XMCA List Family,
>> I am relaying a call for manuscripts on a pressing issue impacting
>> education everywhere. We conceptualized the idea of a grassroots
>>journal in
>> 2007 and it has grown, albeit slowly. Here's the latest call.
>> Thanks!
>> -------------------
>> Regeneración, the Association of Raza Educators Journal
>> Volume 6, Issue 1 (Spring 2015)
>> Deadline: February 15, 2015
>> The theme for our next issue:
>> "Resisting The Neoliberal Privatization of Education: Reclaiming
>> Unions, Education, and Epistemologies"
>> Undeniably, ever since the World Bank declared education a trade-able
>> service--trumping the idea that education is a basic human
>> and teachers have been increasingly under attack by corporations,
>> philanthropists, and a growing managerial middle class, who function
>> a neoliberal ideology that places insurmountable faith in markets and
>> expansion of capitalism globally into all facets of everyday life. We
>> believe that the neoliberal project to de-fund and privatize public
>> education interlocks with the idea of a racial-colonial State.  Thus,
>>it is
>> no coincidence that neoliberal experiments to privatize public education
>> have materialized in large urban districts, such as Chicago, New York,
>> Angeles, etc., where we find a significant number of Raza, Black, and
>> historically marginalized peoples.
>> In this issue of Regeneración we seek both analysis and praxis, that is
>> texts that help us understand more deeply how neoliberalism is manifest
>> particular geographic, social, and cultural spaces. As well, we are
>> for texts that provide examples of resistance to the corporate takeover
>> public education. How are urban and other communities responding to the
>> attacks on education and teachers? What grassroots and strategic spaces
>> created that provide alternatives to neoliberalism and capitalism?  How
>> teachers' unions being reinvented? What role does the fight for Ethnic
>> Studies present as a counter to the neoliberal attack?
>> FORMAT: Submissions may come from students, educators, parents,
>> organizers, or organizations; we also welcome scholarly submissions that
>> are written for a general audience.  Formats may include testimonios,
>> essays, poetry, art, personal narrative, as well as analytic and
>> studies.
>> LENGTH: 700-3000 words
>> SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 15, 2015
>> PUBLICATION DATE: April 15, 2015
>> If you have any questions please contact: razaeducators@yahoo.com
>> <javascript:;><mailto:razaeducators@yahoo.com <javascript:;>>
>> To access past issues of Regeneración:
>> http://www.razaeducators.org/archives_newsletter.html
>> The Association of Raza Educators
>> www.razaeducators.org<http://www.razaeducators.org>
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