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[Xmca-l] Re: The meaning of affordances

Hi Esther,

Sorry for being a little late in a reply!

I am a fan of "cultural" affordances. Thanks the reference to your chapter. I will try to find that!

It is my sense that Gibson was heading in the direction of what he called "social affordances," but just didn't live long enough to make the research complete. 

Perhaps social affordances are an avenue (and a form) of understanding culture as it is perceived?

I seem recall his discussion about mailboxes and their affordances, which are very much cultural objects. 

Kind regards,


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I found using 'affordance' helpful in thinking about how individuals'
actions shape, and are shaped by detailed 'things' in socio-cultural worlds.
Here these are shared realities. See my chapter in Mike Cole's and David
Olson's Festschrift for Jack Goody.
        This is how I see 'culture' as effecting how we interact.
                Esther Goody