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[Xmca-l] Re: NYT Op-Ed: Class Prejudice Resurgent

No worries, Annalisa. Horton responded in the same sense you did: "I am not a communist (in the sense you are calling me a communist)." But it is worth knowing that he was no wishy-washy socialist. He was clear that his aim was social revolution. But he wasn't very impressed with the USSR or the CPUSA either. He saw education as the aim instrument for social revolution. But his concept of education was very different from anything he could find anywhere else.

*Andy Blunden*

Annalisa Aguilar wrote:
Greg & Andy,

As I read it, the wikipedia page used the word communist in the sense it was an uninformed slur, which was how it was unfortunately used back then. I assumed this, and thanks for the correction.
Here's the text in question:

"The term 'communist' was applied to Horton’s teachings and the Highlander School because of the school’s philosophy of bringing whites and blacks together, in violation of segregation laws."

It is the only place the term is used in the entire biography. The wikipage indicates Horton was a socialist and there isn't mention of communist associations.
I don't think just getting white and black adults together to learn together makes a communist school.  So that is how I meant it... sorry for brushing against any sensitivities there.

It sounds like he had great parents.

Kind regards,