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[Xmca-l] Re: Mocombian Being in the World

Hi Paul!

Thanks for the references!

A couple of aspects that may be worth considering as an exploration is, how does learning and development take place in your system? How would you explain where liberation comes from? What is the definition of freedom?

I do believe you have a good foundation to stand on regarding projection or, as you say, simulacra of the dominant culture upon the oppressed culture. But I hope that you do not develop your theory so far that it cannot be applied!!! 

If you were to examine how Vygotsky developed his theories (and if I am wrong about this someone will likely jump in to correct me), he didn't theorize beyond what could be applied. (anyone? anyone? am I wrong?)

For some reason, this makes me want to attach this short-but-sweet book review by Guthrie (1977) concerning Luria's trip to Uzkbekistan in the 1930s. Luria was a student of Vygotsky, one might say a disciple. He went on to become an important neuroscience researcher. You might find something of interest in the article from a few angles, mostly I'm thinking how it discusses tools and culture (and also the relationship of education to abstract thinking), but also how it pertains to subjectivity, where might be said it is an obstruction to liberation if the individual cannot go beyond personal experience. I wonder out loud if there is a connection there to black experience? I'm just plumbing top-down patterns, is all.

Of course, you may or may not know that Mike studied with Luria! So depending on the nature of your quest and I'm thinking mostly about your discussion of neuronal energies...you might have some direct access to some history in the flesh, so to speak, if the speaker within the flesh is so inclined to speak of the history!  :) 

Kind regards,


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