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[Xmca-l] Re: L2

I want to thank everyone who offered me a helping hand this semester with my undergraduate course in Psychology of Language. The last class meeting was today, and after a crash course myself this past week on L2 I think I was able to arrange a coherent class. I'm happy that I was able to end with some short YouTube videos about the politics of bilingual education, and of interculturalismo, in Latin America.

Before starting the course I looked at several recommendations for a textbook, and in the end decided to assemble readings.  I found a number of short pieces in Science that I think were good, but made some bad choices of longer pieces later in the semester: too complex by far. I think that a good text on a sociocultural perspective on language remains to be written - earlier in the semester the idea floated here of writing one collectively!

I think the class was reasonable successful. I decided to go broad and shallow, and certainly covered more, and hopefully more interesting, topics than the previous version of the course, taught by a cognitivist colleague. There are many changes that could and should be made - and I recently learned that my punishment is to teach this course again next semester! With 90 students (gulp!)! I'm attaching the syllabus (in Spanish, of course); I'd welcome all recommendations about how to improve it.

So thanks again. It was a challenge to prepare and teach this course (and do most of that in L2!), and I greatly appreciate having at hand the collective wisdom of xmca.


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