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[Xmca-l] Re: Jan Blommaert - Meaning as a non-linear phenomena

Cool. That is, when the temperature during my morning walk drops below 52
Cutural mediation is a non-linear phenomenon and so far as meaning is a
form of cultural mediation......


On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 2:16 PM, Greg Thompson <greg.a.thompson@gmail.com>

> There is a flurry of threads that seem to be dealing with the issue of
> "meaning" and how to conceive of meaning.
> I just thought I'd mention that there is a cadre (I prefer "gang" but
> alas...) of folks who are doing work that runs in close parallel to these
> local conversations, namely the linguistic anthropologists.
> One of my favorite is Jan Blommaert (University of Ghent). He has a
> fascinating conversation with Michael Silverstein about language ideology
> that points to the historical and cultural origins of Western language
> ideologies that, imho, are at the heart of the problems about language
> instruction that have been discussed on XMCA recently. Here is the link for
> that conversation (to access this paper, you may need to join academia.edu
> and follow Jan first):
> https://www.academia.edu/7654748/Michael_Silverstein_in_conversation_with_Jan_Blommaert_and_Jef_Van_der_Aa
> ​
> In addition, he has a lovely paper on academia.edu that speaks to these
> issues as well. Th paper is titled "Meaning as a Non-linear Phenomenon -
> The Birth of Cool". Accessible here (again, you may need to join
> academia.edu first and follow Jan):
> https://www.academia.edu/8208677/Meaning_as_a_nonlinear_phenomenon_the_birth_of_cool
> ​​Happy to chat more if anyone is interested but I didn't want to distract
> from the other fascinating conversations that are on-going (and in so many
> different directions I wouldn't even know where to post this!).
> Cheers,
> greg
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It is the dilemma of psychology to deal with a natural science with an
object that creates history. Ernst Boesch.