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[Xmca-l] fixed/fluid

I have been reflecting on *themes* [activity, meaning, structure, and
mathematical systems]
I also have kept in mind David's comments recommending turning to
*structure of feeling* [chapter 9 of Raymond Williams book "Marxism and
The theme of the already formed [as sociocultural] which leaves the dynamic
*forming and *formative* aspects of lived experience as moved to the
*personal* realm.

Williams wrote on page 7

"IF the social is always past, in the sense that it is always formed, we
have indeed to find other terms for the undeniable experience of the
present: not only the temporal present, the realization of this and this,
but the SPECIFICITY of present being, the inalienable PHYSICAL, within
which we may discern and acknowledge institutions, formations, positions,
but not always as fixed products, DEFINING products. And then IF the social
IS the fixed and explicit - the KNOWN relationships, institutions,
formations, positions, - ALL that is present and moving, ALL that ESCAPES
FROM the fixed and the explicit and the KNOWN, IS GRASPED and DEFINED AS
the personal: this, HERE, now, alive, active and SUBJECTIVE"

In discussing the *themes* of activity and meaning I find this paragraph
indicating the way Raymond Williams figures [out] the way *meaning*
develops illuminating.
I see this paragraph as informative and figurative.