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[Xmca-l] Re: In defense of Vygotsky [[The fallacy of word-meaning]

It seems to be a point always worth making, Julian, that every child is subject to different expectations according, not just to their actual level of development in fact, but also simply because of their age and their sibling order. As Martin pointed out, in the Environment paper, at least in the translation we have, "situation" is used synonymously with "environment" which hardly helps LSV to make his point. But he is, in my view, quite clear in "The Problem of Age," every child is in a unique situation (stated and repeated numerously) because that situation is constituted by the adults in terms of the expectations they place on the child and how the child responds to those expectations or not. Doubtless this is something we always need to be reminded of though.

I really couldn't say if this is found in ANL or not,

*Andy Blunden*

mike cole wrote:
Your point about the situation changing as a result of child's response to
it (presumably conditioned by its interpretation and accompanying
perezhivanie) seems well taken, Julian.