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[Xmca-l] Re: In defense of Vygotsky [Perezhivanie is a faulty circular construct]

This continues and extends from my original post concerning Andy's breakdown of ANL vs. LSV.

There are about 8 points total... [copypasta is a starch of art]

3. [Perezhivanie is a faulty circular construct] (see original post below)

OK, I got it: ANL with his finger on the materialist scale, could not understand (possibly) the concept of perezhivanie as the UOA, or rather LSV's UOA, for the environment. 

I say "possibly" because we cannot know how much of it is capitulation. ..or can we....?

>> Wed, 22 Oct 2014 06:28:48 +0000
>> Annalisa wrote:

>> _3rd charge_: Perezhivanie is a faulty circular construct
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>> ANL pushes against the legitimacy of perezhivanie as a _determining cause of development_ in the child, one of LSV's major claims, largely because it is circular. ANL claims perezhivanie in the definition actually takes the place of the personality, but how can perezhivanie both develop personality and be the personality? Therefore, ANL asserts that there must be _an activity_ external to the personality that exerts force for transformation upon the personality, making perezhivanie an activity, and not a relationship between the subject and the object/environment. ANL is saying the only pathway for the subject to relate to the environment is through nothing other than activity.
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> Andy's reply to #3 above:
>Yeah, ANL just really doesn't get it here.
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