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[Xmca-l] LSV versus ANL

Returning to Leontyev's critique of Vygotsky, ANL claimed that perezhivanie, as a manifestation of the whole personality, cannot be the determinant of personality, because that would be a logical circle. But it seems to me that ANL failed to understand how Vygotsky’s analysis by units allows him to avoid the reductionism into which ANL then ventures. If a complex process is to be explained by something _else_, then its analysis is _reduced_ to the analysis of that something else. Analysis by units allows Vygotsky to avoid reductionism because the analysis begins from a concept of the whole complex process represented in a unit, not the whole, but a small fragment of the whole, such that the whole can be seen as being made up of very many such fragments only. Absent Vygotsky's method of analysis by units, and Leontyev's Activity Theory is in danger of collapsing to a reductionism that actually explains nothing.


*Andy Blunden*